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Grooming Arm Caddy

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The Grooming Caddy is a safe and convenient method to hold your grooming tools.

The Grooming Caddy is manufactured of sturdy injection molded plastic with an aluminum blade cooling tray. The Grooming Caddy features individual openings for up to seven scissors, additional openings for combs, brushes, hooks for hanging electric clippers, nooses, leashes, etc., and a larger tray/shelf combination to spray bottles, miscellaneous odds and ends, and clipper blades.

The raised design keeps items away from the trolley grooming top. The Grooming Caddy mounts to a 3/4" grooming arm post and is supported by the trolley grooming arm clamp, and allows for unimpeded vertical (up and down) movement of the grooming arm post.

The Grooming Caddy along with the Grooming Arm must be removed from the trolley prior to folding the trolley. The groomimg arm clamp is designed to stay on the trolley in the folded and in the open positions.