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NEW SIZE!!!! Mini 6-Berth

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The berth size in the Mini 6 are the same size as Mini 4.  

 13 1/2"High x 14 1/2 Long x 17 1/2 Deep

Overall Size     36 1/2" High

                        44" Long (not including Handles)


Floor has 2 support clips

Folds to the convenient travel size of approximate 6 inches wide  Price $1295.00



The powdercoating finish is not warranted against excessive and repeated dog urine on the frame base of the trolley and wheels. Urine will attack and break down the finish causing it to bubble and peel.

Don't forget your trolley skirt, grooming arm and attachment and/or other trolley accessories. Please checkout the Premium Grooming Mat to match your trolley under Trolley Accessories. These mats are the ultimate in comfort and style for you and your pet.